HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease.

HPV is the communal ground more sexually transmitted disease. It affects more than 50 percent of adults sexually active. Cervical cancer it can roughly cause with arrangements with deaths 290.000 women in the whole world each year, including 3.500 in the United States where the regular spots of the PAP often detect the lesions and cancer the précancéreuses ones early.

It is certainly a marvellous and good stage in addition to our processes of sifting” while helping to remove cervical cancer, said Dr. Monica Farley, who direct the signpost. He is a bacterial infectious matter expert of the disease at the school of the university of Emory of medicine in Atlanta.

The opposition early to Gardasil was based on the concern which it could encourage the sexual activity in some préadolescents and years of adolescence. But that mainly faded far because of the potential of the vaccine to reduce cancer. Reviewing their line for approval, the servant of civil of Merck proposed that Gardasil could be the greatest advance by preventing cervical cancer since the test of the PAP.

Human papillomavirus, or HPV

The human papillomavirus, or the HPV, is a common cause of the sexually transmitted disease. In certain cases, the virus can form warts on various parts of the body, including the feet, of hands and genitals.

There is more than 100 types of HPV, the majority of which to be inoffensive. From these 100, more than 30 types are sexually transmitted. Some types of HPV which cause genital infections can also cause cervical cancer and other gynaecological cancers.

MRI can be more effective at spotting lesions, particularly in women with dense breast tissue.

A unit of Siemens conglomerated German industrialist AG, radiologists detected the movement of fabric of the center during the ultrasounds to determine the rigidity of an object. Barr studied 166 tumours of suspectées of center in 99 women who were programmed for the biopsy.

The lesions were measured by employing the standard technique of the ultrasounds and the ultrasounds of elasticity. The radiologists characterized the lesions of the center which seemed smaller by employing the ultrasounds of elasticity like inoffensive, while lesions which seemed Great Whole while using some the ultrasounds of elasticity were characterized like malignant.

Mammography is the standard breast cancer screening test

The ultrasonics, if confirmed in a greater study, could be an effective tool for the detection early of the breast cancer. While the mammography is the test of the standard sifting of the breast cancer, the magnetic spectrum of formation of resonance or the MRI can be more effective with lesions of repèrer, in particular with the women with dense fabric of the center.

However, the technique is less effective to distinguish the inoffensive cysts and cancers, having for the result a higher number of invahissantes of biopsies. The American company of Cancer estimates that 80 percent of lesions of biopsiées of center prove to be inoffensive. It estimates that more than 200.000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with the breast cancer this year. “MRI is a very significant technique.

It finds all. The problem is him is not very specific, Barr known under the name of. The image of formation of elasticity seems to have very high specificity, Barr known under the name of.The combination from these two can be a very powerful tool in the detection of cancer.

New ultrasound may help spot breast cancer.

New ultrasound may help spot breast cancer.

The image of formation of elasticity can determine if the tumours are malignant, study finds a new type of ultrasounds was strongly effective to determine if the pieces in the female of center were cancerous or inoffensive, the researchers of the United States which undertook a small study. The conclusion, if confirmed in a greater test, could reduce the number of useless biopsies of center and to reassure the women who their tumours are inoffensive.

Radiologist to x-ray of Southwoods and MRI open in Youngstown, Ohio, which undertook the study. If we can document that the technique is extremely precise, I think that it will give to the women the insurance that (a tumour) is benign and they should not worry, Barr known under the name of. With existing technology, that does not have it there. Known as image of formation of elasticity, the technique is mainly a powerful version of the conventional ultrasounds. To use a special program of software developed by solutions of medical Siemens.

Risk for stroke include those who have high blood pressure.

The sudden numbness and confusion, weakness in some parts of the body, in particular on a side of the body, speech speaking about the trouble or arrangement, indicator, walk, and headache engrave suddenly without known cause are certain symptoms of an imminent race of brain.

People are ignoramuses often of these symptoms, but they are signs of early tracking and 35 percent of those which examine a TIA will have a true race if left untreated. People who are with high-that-mean that the risk for the race include those which have hypertension, cardiac the rich person of cholesterol disorder, the diabetes, the personal history of the race or the TIA, the smokers, the excessive consumers of alcohol and the people which are excessive weight. Earlier, 70 percent of patients were treated by the surgery, which implied a month of the rest roughly. It would cost a certain share between $5.000 and 15.000.

There is now also a not-surgical way, coiling, which is a method much easier and effective. It roughly costs one and a half of the periods more than the surgical method. However, 70 percent of case used this method during two last years.

When a blood vessel ruptures causing a bleeding or hemorrhagic stroke.

If a victim of race initially receives the care of the assistance in the three at six hours of the first symptom, neutralization, of the long-term effects of a race can be avoided or considerably reduced. The studies show that the average person waits 13 hours after the experiment of the first symptoms of the race before seeking the medical care, and 42 percent of patients do not wait less than 12 midnight. It is critical to identify the symptoms of the race and to seek the immediate attention of the assistance. There are two types of races.

A type, which is more common, is caused by the clots of blood which block the arteries in the brain, causing between 70-80 percent of all races. The second type occurs when a blood vessel breaks to cause a bleeding or a hemorrhagic race. Roughly 20 percent of races are hemorrhagic. There are also mini-races known under the name of `S - temporary ischaemic attacks of TIA which them instructions of elasticity of cause the symptoms of the race which go far after a few minutes or hours.

Blood vessel carrying oxygen and nutrients to the brain is blocked by a clot or bursts, causing the brain to starve.

The WHO of A study, which comes ahead “the day from the race of the brain of the world” Friday, quoted every year the incidence of the disease in India to be around 130 by population 100.000 and known as roughly 20 percent of patients of heart are probable of it.

The disease also proved to be the most common cause of the incapacity and the dependence, with more than 70 percent professionally of faded remaining survivors of race and more than 30 percent requiring the assistance with activities for the everyday life. A race of brain occurs when an oxygen carrying and of the food of the blood vessel to the brain is blocked by a clot or gleams, implying the brain with the matrix of the hunger.

If private of oxygen for very a short period, the cells of the brain start to die. Once this occurs the part of the body ordered by this section of the brain is affected, deteriorating the language, the control of the qualifications or the vision or causing the paralysis. Compared with a heart attack, the conscience about the races of the brain, which is more to debilitate, is very limited.

Virus types are sexually transmitted.

The analysts believe that the sales of Gardasil could principal $1 billion per annum for Merck, which combat of the thousands of surplus of lawsuit its Vioxx withdrawn by calmor. The station of Whitehouse, company of the New Jersey seeks to authorize Gardasil in more than 50 countries. The PLC of GlaxoSmithKline also develops a vaccine of HPV.

The panel pushes the United States with the CORRECT cervical vaccine of the cancer of the projectiles against the common STD could be also recommended for the young people of the girls that 9 a vaccine with the potential to reduce the world of the deaths of cervical cancer, the killer of the cancer not of the 2 among women, should be approved in the sales in the United States, a federal panel said Thursday.

A Consultative Committee of administration of food and drug voted 13-0 to approve the safety and the effectiveness of Merck and Gardasil of the Co., which blocks the viruses which cause cervical cancer. The company said that the vaccine could cut the world of the deaths of the disease by two-third. However, the cost under consideration of the vaccine, controlled in three projectiles more than six months, is $300 to $500 - a possible prevention in the widespread vaccination campaigns. Drug is protected from the two types of anybody human rising responsible for papillomavirus (HPV) for roughly 70 percent for the cervical cases for cancer.

It protects also against two other types of viruses which cause 90 percent of genital cases of wart. Each of the four types of virus is sexually transmitted.

Detect precancerous lesions and early cancer.

The national Consultative Committee on practices with regard to the immunization will decide on June 29 if to approve current vaccination with Gardasil. This approval is critical if a vaccine must become a level of care.

It then will belong in various states to decide if to add the vaccine to the list of others required before students can go to the schools of the state. To be opposed to the obligatory projectiles the groups of safeguarding as hearth on the family support the availability of the vaccine, but are opposed to return it forced, to say the decision to be vaccinated should depend on the parents or the guards of a child. He supports the abstinence like a better way of keeping in addition to the infection by HPV and any other STDs.

HPV assigns more than 50 percent of adults sexually active to a certain point in their lives. Cervical cancer it can roughly cause with arrangements with deaths 290.000 women in the whole world each year, including 3.700 in the United States. In the United States, the regular spots of the PAP often detect the lesions and cancer the précancéreuses ones early. The vaccine does not eliminate the need for regular shifting.

Vaccine works best when given to girls before they begin having sex and run the risk of HPV infection.

Gardasil, built by Merck & Co. Inc., is protected from the two types of HPV responsible for roughly 70 percent for the cervical cases for cancer.

The vaccine also blocks the infection by two other constraints responsible for 90 percent of genital cases of wart. The clinical trials proved that Gardasil prevented 100 percent of cervical cancer related to the two constraints of HPV among the women who had not been previously infected, Merck known under the name of.

One counts rather than Merck launches Gardasil like cancer, than a STD, vaccine. There does not remain very clear how to be widespread the use of the trois-a drawn from the series, partly because of its current price running $360. The opposition of safeguarding to make the vaccine obligatory to inform can also limit its adoption.

The age of the target to receive Gardasil is low because the vaccine works better once given the girls before they start to have the sex and to run the risk of infection of HPV. The vaccine cannot be protected from the already infected people and can increase their risk as the lesions which can lead to cervical cancer.

First vaccine for cervical cancer

FDA approves first vaccine for cervical cancer.

The projectiles will protect from the girls have young people to have 9 against the human women of papillomavirus cut for first time A vaccinates to protect them from cervical cancer.

The administration of food and drug of the approved uses one per Thursday of vaccinates, Gardasil, for uses in the ages of girls and women 9 26. That functions beside preventing the infection beside the constraints of furnace of the human papillomavirus, but beside HPV, plus the disease sexually transmitted to reign.

This cancer kills 3.700 women the every years in the United States and the hundreds of thousands more in the whole world.