HIV Population

Immunodeficiency increase in every region of the world and more than in countries such as Uganda and Thailand described success in the fight against AIDS at the United Nations yesterday. About 40 million adults and children infected globally. Most of the increase in new cases in East Asia and Eastern Europe essentially risk of drug abuse, unsafe sex increased AIDS.

The killer virus-infected person every eight seconds, the equivalent of 11,000 infections in the world each day. Evidence shows once again that the global epidemic increasing in all areas,” Peter Piot, executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program and the press conference. "Perhaps the greatest concern is that some of the countries that know real results in the fight against AIDS in Uganda and some other Western countries, we see an increase in infection rates. About 4.3 million people across the world infected this Dhahran heavily among young people, which raises the total number to an estimated 39.5 million.

South Africa registered 2.8 million new infections continue to bear the brunt of the scourge 24.7 million people are living with HIV, according to the report of the 2.9 million people died of AIDS in the year, which was the highest figure recorded 2.1 million happen in the law epidemic. China feeds drug and HIV infection, any almost half of the country, estimated losses of 650,000 "irritability", according to the report.

Cancerous Chemical in Cocaine.

United Kingdom published cancerous chemical in London,
even half selling Cocaine in London containing the deadly cancer, Undersecretary of the government, the scholars warned. According to forensic science service dealer’s chemicals in addition to cocaine to increase their profits. It warned that in some cases, the chemical, which is far cancer, they make up more than half the size of the sale of cocaine. The government is serious in the Organized Crime Agency to target certain gangs responsible.