Smoking of Children Causes Cancer Death.

In four children a regular smoker is after age 15. The nicotinism causes one in three of all cancer death. The nicotinism is strongly connected with cancers of the mouth, the lip, the throat, the lungs, the Pharynx and the esophagus.

Prevention: If a smoker gives up, its risk begins to smoke relative cancers immediately to fall. After 10 years or more the ex smoker has nearly as little risk of the cancer of the lungs than Lebensnon fumeur. There is 11 million ex smoker in Great Britain. In each four children is a regular smoker of 15 years.

The nicotinism leads too on the death of completely three cancers. The nicotinism is strongly connected with cancer of the mouth, the larynx, the lip, the lung, the liver and the throat. If the smokers give up, his smoke-connected cancer risk begins to still decrease/go back. To age after 10 years or more considering the nearly niedrigereren risk of smoke of the cancer of the lungs for non fumeurs. There are 11 million former smokers in Great Britain.