Most diabetics have linked to obesity

The majority of Diabetics have art 2, a condition which is related to of Korpulenz which appears, if the body cannot use insulin indeed only it forms. In some cases, the disease with pillules can be handled, if it is installed with a Diet, practice and if a management weight to project.

Pfizer believes that Exubera encourages Diabetiker which is squeamish on the needles, to take insulin. Approximately 15 percent of unquestionable Diabetiker do not take with estimates insulin or the pillules which would have it, the American relation of diabetes.

A better orientation of blood the sugar mirrors makes it possible of Diabetikern to inform far far far with the serious complications, including the diseases of the eye, the kidneys and of the nerves.

The last box of the ulcers and the infection in the legs and the feet lead and in some cases Amputierungen.

Rapid acting inhaled insulin

Each type of disease could use the insulin inhaled schnell-fungierende in front of or of the flours, to handle their sugar mirrors blood. However drug would become injections Lang-fungierenden the insulin does not replace, some Diabetic, particularly with the type the 1diabetes, required to introduce the morning or in front of bed. It is descended to take part in a clinical attempt of inhaled insulin.

The My reaction was did not use, has of it to me excellent an orientation my sugars blood at present and me precisely no interest carries to confuse, with a good thing, injections of insulin and the pump for its type the 1diabetes.

needles still required.

In the clinical attempts, Exubera as well however handled like insulin injected, an independent FDA täfeln accentuated September that the use of inhaled insulin does not mean that of Diabetiker can throw outside the needles, the feathers or the pumps which are used to inject sugar mirrors blood the hormone.

Cash insulin was a welcome progress, said Dr. Nathaniel Clark, the national vice-president of the clinical businesses for the American relation of diabetes. But it added that still to a patient to make it possible to improve of the needles proportionally tax. Dr. Robert Meyer who it department of the FDA of metabolic and gland drugs directs, said, we believe one manufactured, like this one like forms the proportionally reliable one.

FDA-Berichtverkleidung expressed more dimension of the provisioning and more few patients with interest, to cough tested or a light acceptance with the capacity of lung, if drug is used. Pfizer studies the long-term effects of Exubera on the lungs, like its safety and effectiveness for patients with a disease of lung.

FDA approves first inhalable version of insulin

Exubera to offer diabetics an alternative to daily injections.

First inhalable version the insulin, which gives million Erwachsendiabetiker an alternative to some the injections, which carry it now. The food and drug administration have the insulin of Pfizer Inc. indicated, in order on the market like Exubera to be introduced the first new kind is of supplying the insulin since the discovery of the hormone in the twenties.

Pfizer developed together the drug and the distributor with thérapeutique of Sanofi Aventis and of Nektar. It would have to be at the disposal of the patients by the so-called center of the yearly, Pfizer. The employment of the inhalierten insulin of the current fast action will not replace the necessity to inject the hormone after FDA occasionally. And the Diabetiker must sting further their fingers, in order to examine sets of the sugar in the blood.

The American diabetes association believed that nearly 21 million persons in the United States have the diabetes. Approximately 5 million injections of insulin of the need. The analysts said to receive that the inhalierte insulin could go later well to a salesman from $1 milliard un années for Pfizer, who accepted recently to pay at Sanofi Aventis $1,3 billion in order full world-wide rights at the drug for type 1 and 2 Erwachsendiabetiker.

It is said to Dr. Steven Galson director of the center our hope that the availability of the inhalierten insulin patient will offer more options, around the order to improve their blood sugar “of FDA for the evaluation and the drug research. The commission approved of European Exubera for the use in the adults Thursday

N.H. first state to offer girls free cancer vaccine

program will provide girls 11 to 18 with HPV shots.

New Hampshire Wednesday the first State of announced plans, in order to offer to all girls the new Impstoff of zervikalem cancer freely. The Impstoff against the human Zottengeschwulstvirus or HPV begins the girl aging 11 to 18 in January, and as element of a state program is supplied, which offers for no costs different Immunisierungen to the children.

The program is paid by the föderale government and the insurance companies. The food and drug administration approved of the Impstoff in June for girl young person also only 9. It prevents the infection of some hpv obligations, a sexually conveyed virus, which can cause zervikalen cancer and the sex warts.

Zervikaler cancer is not the Krebstöter that 2 with the women. Some it emphasize that the girls of 11 years the inoculation is giving a permission at that variety. I am in diversity of opinion, “so-called commissioner New Hampshire John Stephen of health service and of human.

It pressed the abstention SAMness, by stating that the Impstoff will not protect girls from other sexually transferred diseases, including the HIV, or from pregnant woman emergence.

SUOX gene variation Cause still unknown

Scientists must note the effect of the fluctuations of the gene SUOX and if the modification forms it more, or that a child receives from Leukämie, they less probably added.

The test of genetics took (research) at the following logical level and that we must make, to establish to him to have, Dr. Carol said on to ruby, directors of studies health of the CDC to extend. We hope for that this one undertaken the other search for genetics. The call for more research was covered immediately by majority of arriving senate the chief Harry Reid, D-Nev.

The precise cause of the block of still unknown cancer is, remains specific me to find answers, Reid known as. Of Fallon whose 8 son of year one, was determined Jeremy, with Leukämie 2001, said he was satisfied Jeff Braccini with the newest study of the CDC.

He is a treasurer of the families on the search for truth which ensured $750.000 in the federal financing by the Reids assistance for search for projects. Always if we receive the good science which me it completely applaudiere, Braccini known as. My objective is now, the CDC to bind and that they made the process in our authorization which we have to go.

Richard Jernee of the place of higher education, Washington whose 10 son of year one, Adam, the first child became to die in in block 2001, said too long waited to CDC, to implement the ADN examination. You should be led immediately, have says him. I without any doubt hopes can be used it like hones to take a step, to arrive at the truth. CDC civils servant persisted that their work indicates the most complete study of each possible Leukämieblockes in Fallon in the nation. But they do not have plans to take with of more than samples in Fallon, said it.

We await the results of external research and we work now with researchers, to consider greater groups of children with of Leukämie, ruby known as. We learn the pieces of Puzzlespiels, but it will take a quantity with research, the secrecy of Leukämie pädiatrischen to entwirren.

Panel finds potential cancer cluster in California

A previous study does not go ahead by CDC can a cause of climate for the block to find. It found the sector one living case had more raised levels of tungsten and arsenic in its blood and the urine, but there no was proof the substances, Leukämie was caused.

The newest ADN study discovered that all the 11 children with of Leukämie who were examined, had a modification in the SUOX the gene which explains to the body how one forms of Sulfitoxydase. Sulfitoxydase is an enzyme which helps Bekehrtsubstanzen normally which is called sulphites with sulphate not to enter in line of account.

The lack of this enzyme because it genetic defect can cause a death hauptsächlichprobleme and early neurological. By a comparison, 10 had the sector one healthy case children which was examined, on 24 the genetic modification.

Sulfitoxydase modifies a dubious chemical in surer. CDC civils servant said, even if the modification of the gene SUOX of the danger to of Leukämie adds, other factors must take part. Researchers did not mark these factors or the cause of Fallon of block

Genetic link found in Nevada cancer cluster

The children in a nordischen leukaemia bundle of Nevadas are, in order to have a change of a gene, which helps the little safe chemical preparations of the fight, and more research it is necessary, in order to learn why those Thursday so-called föderalen researcher.

The study, which was released by the centers for the order and the disease prevention, is the latest to suggest as the genetics, and the Toxine plays a role with the cancer bundle, which afflicts the agricultural community.

Since 1997 17 children with ties at Fallon with the pointed lymphocytique leukaemia were diagnosed. Three died. The health officials explain that approximately a leukaemia case would be intended in five years.