HIV in Asia could more than double.?

The number of persons in Asia attacks of the hiv virus could do more than double at 20 million surplus the five without better government answer and more plant, informed officials coming years.

"Up to date level of the unsatisfactory answer one expects that this number to approximately 20 million in five coming years amounts" said the independent commission on aids in Asia, which is set by the common program of the United Nations over HIV/Aids or UNAids.

It gives momentarily by 8,6 million persons, who were infected in Asia with HIV.

The number of death makes the average momentarily around 500.000 annual, and financial losses in the asiatic region become on $10 billion (Dh36.7 billion) estimated, annually.

But these economic costs are intended, in order to amount also to top, the $29 billion (Dh106.4 billion) per year, if the epidemic disease is not led within the five coming years.

Late Preganancy Cause Cancer?

Late Preganancy Cause Cancer?

In 12 of the women in Great Britain develop a breast cancer. Reasons can include/understand to put at the late world, early auctions children, rules or late years of change, the Diet rich in grease, a contraception of prolonged mouth and the high alcohol entry. Question: On masses, an unloading of end or a modification in the position end to re-examine. Treatment: Surgery, chemotherapy and drugs.

One connects in three to cancers, to nourish. Alcohols: Disproportionate entry related to cancers of the opening, throat, oesophagus and the liver. Danger of increase drinking and smoking until abnormal. Featherlight foodstuff: bound to the cancer of intestine. Corpulence: bound to the chest, the blister of scratch in the older women. Prevention: To avoid being surcharge, fresh fruit, vegetables and the foodstuffs to eat much which contain vitamins and fibre. Food featherlight to reduce. The entry alcohols to moderate.