Obesity-related diabetes face higher risk of kidney failure.

Examining issues a serious warning for small children to obesity, and obesity-related diabetes is much higher risk of kidney failure and death of middle-aged adults who develop diabetes, the study suggests. The study offers some of the first strong evidence of the impact of this State and B type 2 diabetes in children, a researcher at the National Institute of Diabetes and digestive tract disease and kidney failure.

Also discussed with warnings that diabetes, obesity and other related diseases on the verge of reducing the average age in the United States. For at least 15 years, with follow-up 15 or 16% of the children with type 2 diabetes in the late stages of renal failure or diabetes liver died before the age of 55. That compared with 133, or 8% of diabetes after 20 years. Researchers calculated that the number of final stage kidney failure and death at the age of 55 years, almost five times from those developed type 2 diabetes who developed diabetes 20 years into adulthood. More than 20 million adult Americans suffer from type 2 diabetes.

And a generation ago, type II diabetes are almost unknown among children, and the significant growth in the last decade, largely because of obesity and lack of physical activity. Diabetes weaken the ability to regulate blood sugar levels. This can lead to damage to the kidneys and blood vessels in the body. Even people and hereditary and weight and physical activity can help delay the onset of type 2 diabetes.

A study conducted by the Department of Pharmacology limited benefits from the literature and found prescriptions for drugs from type 2 diabetes doubled in children from the United States between 5 and 19 from 2002 to 2005

Coffee may reduce type 2 diabetes.

The coffee can help to reduce the risk of the type 2 diabetes. Protection against the effects always deal with the data modified by researchers on the changes of the activity, the weight, the blood pressure, the nicotinism and the sex physiques among the matters.

The preventive effect of coffee was seen even among the people who are tolerance nuie of glucose, the diabetes, signs early detection at the beginning of the study. The researchers could not determine the quantity of people necessary by coffee for drinking for the production of the preventive effect. But participating of study to the nonheavy coffee drinkers generally.

The rise of cancer attacking women in Asia.

The breast cancer is the more common shape of the women of attack of the cancer in Asia, continuation from cervical cancer. Approximately 385.000 cases of the breast cancer they introduce every year in Asia and approximately 266.000 cases of cervical cancer.

While the continuous population to age and to increase and while to more Asians adopts us the lifestyles western, those numbers are believed that they scramble up acutely. The number total of all the new cases of the cancer for the men and of women in the region is projected for balloon from 4.5 million in 2002 - 7,1 million 2020 if nothing changes. The pulmonary cancer remains the advanced assassin for both sex.

Greater risk from cancer of asian women

The women in Asia can master larger risks to acquire the cancers in the region where to examine and treatment for the majority remain too expensive, specialists in cancer. Both of them itself can be considerably reduced, by one - as the Mammographies examined and pap stains in many western countries constantly is - and proves a new strongly as effective, by preventing breast cancer. But the majority of these options is too expensive for many Asians.

The examination could be favoured at the assistance to determine the cancer of the breast, while every five years could be perhaps given to pap stains, instead of annual. It gives to help to determine likewise available simpler attempts more cheaply and those the sexually conveyed human papillomavirus or HPV, the main cause of cancer can. The asiatic countries must find a kind of acquiring the new HPV which itself proven as if has, to approximately 70 to be - one hundred of effective, by preventing young girls once given cancer.

But always an extremely expensive option, even for many industrialized countries. For example it costs momentarily approximately $350 in the United States.