Taking vitamins to prevent cancer?.

The men with the highest levels of the Vitamins E in their blood were 18 - one hundred less, in order to die that those with the lowest levels, the found researchers. They have likewise a risk 21 for - one hundred subordinating the death of the cancer, the 19 - one hundred had lower the risk of the death of the heart illness, and from the 30 - the lowest risk from the death of other causes.

The optimal concentration has seemed the Vitamin E from 13 to 14 Milligramm per litre blood to be, with higher concentrations, which do not offer an auxiliary advantage. Since the examinations of the additives of the Vitamins E did not show effect to the number of deaths rate, the results do not suggest that they are welfare SAM, but suggesting that the people use can pull, more Vitamin E in their regime by foods such as nuts, seeds, to receive whole grains and green darkness, dark green vegetable.


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