Breast Cancer Facts, Who is in danger?

Who is in danger?

• women, who are older. A terminated age 60 of the woman is at the largest risk. The illness is very rare before ménopause.

• women with Familienantécédents cancer of the breast. The women master a larger threat, if its nut/mother, sister or girls particularly before age 40 had the cancer of the breast.

• Which does not have children, or having no first child after age 30 increases the risk. Women, who had their first menstruelle period, before age 12 or by the ménopause changed over, after age 55 are, in order to develop the illness.

• women, who become fettleibig ménopause after. The hormone therapy of Menopausal of increases likewise the risk.

• The women during the whole life are physically inactive, seem, to have a larger risk cancer of the breast. To be physically active the risk can to reduce help, by preventing the profit and the Gewichtsfettleibigkeit.

• women, who drink the alcohol. Some studies suggest that drinks the more alcoholic beverages than a woman, the largest their risk cancer of the breast.

Part of abortion-inducing combo

Mifeprex blocks the production progestérone, which maintains a fruitfully made egg furnished in the Gebärmutter.

Mifeprex is taken with another drug with the designation misoprostol, in order to release an abortion. It is independent of the auxiliary preventing, those by Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc. under the name of the plan B.

Lee was sold stated the fact that the mifepristone cannot be the best treatment for the long-term cancer precaution, because he concerns other things than the progestérone and unacceptable side effects as the immune system of the body could cause to abolish.

Mifepristone cannot be the best for the prevention. The reason is that it has mifepristone really very broad activities and we are conscious to us that there are other compositions, which are more specific. This kind of compositions have probably a larger potential regarding prevention,

Hope of nonsurgical option for Cancer

Some of these women choose to make surgically remove their centres or ovaries to lower the risk. This study raises the hope which they could have another option - by using drugs rather than a surgery to keep against cancers related to gene undergone a change.

In its normal form, BRCA-1 is protected from cancer, removing the formation of tumour while helping of the cells to repair the damage of ADN which could lead to the cancer-causing changes. In this study, the researchers concentrated on the way in which the mifepristone influence manner that the gene undergone a change functions in fabric, by using mice with the version of rodent of gene undergone a change.

Abortion drug may thwart breast cancer

Compound in RU-486 blocks growth of tumors in mice

The compound of chemical in the pillule of abortion RU-486 blocked the formation in the mice of the tumours of centre caused by a gene of mutant blamed in the centre of many women and cancers ovariens, researchers found.

The study, published Thursday in the Science of newspaper, suggests a new potential way to protect from the women genetically predisposed with these cancers by employing drugs to interfere a hormone called the progesterone, the researchers known as.

A team carried out by University of California to the scientist Eva d' Irvine that Lee noted that the compound, mifepristone, prevented tumours of centre by blocking progesterone in fabric cells of centre of mouse.

They said that they found this progesterone, which is implied in the reproductive cycle female, stimulates the proliferation of the cells of centre carrying a gene related to the breast cancer, probably feeding the growth of tumour.

The women with an undergone version a change of gene, known under the name of BRCA-1, face a risk much larger of centre and cancers ovariens. By age 70, more than half of them end upwards with one of the two types of cancer.

Breast cancer shows up larger on an elastogram on a traditional ultrasound image

Echos and movement

Elastography, although, measurement also the movement. Because the doctor moves the device held in the hand against the centre, the device gathers echoes before and after the compression or the movement of fabric of centre. The resulting images show stiff fabrics as dark sectors and soft fabrics as pale zones.

The breast cancer reveals larger on a elastogram than it makes on a traditional image of ultrasounds, perhaps because the can of elastogram “see” fabric of scar around cancer, Ophir known as. Richard Barr, a professor of radiology at the university of the North-East of universities of Ohio of the medicine which brought back its results to the radiological company of the annual meeting of North America.

Siemens Germany-based AG provided the equipment and the software of ultrasounds for the study of Barr. Ophir and any other diagnosis of breast cancer by researchers will be the first real application of the elastography. “If it does not fly there, it will not fly anywhere,” said Elisa Konofagou of the university of Colombia, which examines the elastography on animals and the human ones to determine the extent of the damage after a heart attack.

The uses in cancer of prostate and thyroid cancer are also being studied elsewhere.

Ultrasound and Elastography

To explain the elastography, Ophir compares the body with a mattress of box-arises, but “a made insane mattress of million small springs and each one is little different. Each one moves around ata different rate, according to their individual rigidity.

The cancerous tumours take place like the stiff springs. The normal fabric and the benign lesions are compressed more easily. The traditional echoes of use of ultrasounds and elastography of the high frequency sound greets create images of what continues inside the body, but the elastography goes a stage further.

In traditional ultrasounds, a doctor or a technician places a device held in the hand on the skin which sends waves of its high frequency in the body. The bodies and the fabric reflect the noise behind like echoes, which are sent to a computer which transforms them into image. Many people saw images of ultrasounds of the foetuses in the uterus.

Diagnosing Cancer without Biopsy.

The scientists said that the approach can also be employed one day to diagnose the damaged hearts quickly and to guide the treatment of the cancer of prostate.

The technique was cleared a way during the Nineties at the university of the medical school from Texas in Houston by Jonathan Ophir and his colleagues. Ophir describes the elastography like manner of measuring and of describing the elasticity of fabric of body.

Indeed, it is a prolongation of one of the oldest tools in medicine, the palpation, in which a doctor feels the shape and the firmness of fabric of body.

Ultrasound technique Rapid results

The biopsies can cost $200 to $1.000, according to if a certain fluid or a whole piece is removed, and it can take days or weeks to obtain the results.

The cost of elastography is not yet clear, but some experts said that the process could run $100 to $200. And it can give results in minutes.

Once checked against biopsies of fabric of the centre of the women, the technique of ultrasounds correctly identified 17 out of 17 cancerous tumours, and 105 out of 106 inoffensive lesions.

The results were reported at a national meeting of Chicago radiology this week.

Elastogram instantly diagnoses breast cancer

Experimental ultrasound method could mean fewer biopsies for women

An experimental technique of ultrasounds which measures how easily the pieces of centre are compressed and rebound behind could make it possible doctors to immediately determine if a woman has cancer or not without making a biopsy.

In a small study of 80 women, technique - “elastography” called - inoffensive pieces distinguished from the malignant ones with almost 100 percent of exactitude.

If the results support in a greater study, the elastography could save thousands of women of waiting, cost, faintness and concern of a biopsy, in which cells are removed centre - sometimes with a needle, sometimes with a scalpel - and are examined under a microscope.

Radio frequency energy that can penetrate the brain’s outer edge

The portable telephones radiate the energy of radio frequency which can penetrate the external edge of the brain, increasing questions about cancers of the head and the neck, of the tumours of brain or leukaemia.

The majority of research did not find any risk, but some studies raised questions. And while the civils servant of health of the United States require the obviousness does not show any true reason of concern, they do not give on the telephones an effect of free health final, one or the other, while waiting for long-term data on cancers of slow growth.

For the last study, the personal identification numbers assigned with each Dane with the birth allowed researchers to the people of match who started with using the portable telephones between 1982 and 1995 with discs of cancer. Among 420.000 visitors detected per 2002, there were 14.249 diagnosed cancers - less than 15.001 envisaged national rates of cancer. Nor risks increased by lucky find of study for any specific type of tumour.

Cell phones don’t cause cancer, huge study says

Findings on 420,000 people in Denmark give gadget a clean bill of health:-

An enormous study of Denmark offers the last reinsurance which the portable telephones do not start cancer. The scientists detected 420.000 Danish users of portable telephone, including 52.000 which had gabbed on the instruments during 10 years or more, and some which started to employ them 21 years ago.

They matched discs of telephone to the famous Danish recording of Cancer which records each citizen who obtains the disease - and reported Tuesday that the visitors of cell-telephone are that no matter who differently to suffer a range from the types of cancer.

The study, published in the newspaper of the national institute of Cancer, is largest not to however find any bad news about the safety of the portable telephones and the energy of radio frequency which they emit.

Experimental strategy uses immune system to kill melanoma tumors

Scientists find new way to drum out skin cancer

The proper immune system of the body can fight the mortal melanomist of cancer if the scientists can reverse the switch of “OFF” system with “top,” two preliminary studies suggest. The scientists a long time sought with turn to the top of the cells of disease-combat of the immune system to fight the melanomist.

New work addresses the other side of the coin of currency, the cells of standardization which normally maintain disease-to fight cells in control. By closing these cells preventing with far, the scientists hope to allow the cells of disease-combat to assemble a continuous attack on cancer. Two new studies of this strategy were reported this week in Prague at a European meeting of research on cancer.

link between excess weight and cancer of the bowel and kidney.

The nearest love which is known as there, is a proof of a relation between a prevalence and the cancer of the intestine and kidney. In addition to the increase in the danger of cancer, to become the people beleibte who have the worse disease survive rate, to perhaps develop, because, it is necessary to determine the disease with difficulty and not nongiven, until it has advanced. The nearest love requires a complete strategy, to stop the increase in Korpulenz and summary people, to maintain mass of body healthy an index between 20 and of 25.

The index is calculated, by dividing a weight in the kilogramme by a height in the adjusted measuring instruments. An illustration of more than 30 is regarded as beleibt. In addition to Gewicht-in the relation cancer upright raises also its surcharg or beleibt the advantages of suffering from diabetes, of container of heart disease and incapacity.

Weight Related Cancer

The rise levels of the Great Britain could lead too just as much as 12,000 new crates of weight-connected cancer every year toward end of the decade, Tuesday an informed main mercy. The cancer research VK counted that, if the obesity is rising in agreement with government prognoses many it will follow more cancer crates. Now well set up that excessive weight increases to be the risk, several kinds of cancer are said to develop to professor Tim keys, an expert on the regime and cancer at the mercy. The government numbers for 2003 enumerated 24,2 million persons in the country as an excessive or fettleibiges weight.

The section of the health planned that the number could put one hundred up at 27,6 million by 14 - to 2010. The current population of Great Britain amounts to more 60 million fairly. Main thing has said that the excessive ever more important number of over weight women and a larger risk of the center and bearing nut/mother cancer will have, with the largest production of the Hormonöstrogens in the greasy material in connection to be located. We are less safe other cancers obesity connected by the precise mechanisms in, but we can plan with confidence that the number of these cases will rise, it are, the obesity in Great Britain to be upset can verouillent additional in a report.