Late Preganancy Cause Cancer?

Late Preganancy Cause Cancer?

In 12 of the women in Great Britain develop a breast cancer. Reasons can include/understand to put at the late world, early auctions children, rules or late years of change, the Diet rich in grease, a contraception of prolonged mouth and the high alcohol entry. Question: On masses, an unloading of end or a modification in the position end to re-examine. Treatment: Surgery, chemotherapy and drugs.

One connects in three to cancers, to nourish. Alcohols: Disproportionate entry related to cancers of the opening, throat, oesophagus and the liver. Danger of increase drinking and smoking until abnormal. Featherlight foodstuff: bound to the cancer of intestine. Corpulence: bound to the chest, the blister of scratch in the older women. Prevention: To avoid being surcharge, fresh fruit, vegetables and the foodstuffs to eat much which contain vitamins and fibre. Food featherlight to reduce. The entry alcohols to moderate.


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