Medical workers seek stronger HIV protection.

The private members of the caring requirement of the personnel a stronger protection of HIV by permitting them the simple entrance to the drugs, which help, to prevent the infection the inadvertent exposure in case of.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and, which they recommend to CREDIT , which are created with, for the mechanism of the illness (CDC) indifferently, which suspended blood constants of drugs the antione of the bolting device of the virus within six-hour after the exposure, to prevent to that the virus multiplies.

The members of the caring personnel particularly are in the danger because of their work with the pointed blood and the instruments.

HPV vaccine needs to girls before they begin having sex.

HPV vaccine needs to girls before they begin having sex.
Several speakers said that the vaccine might not replace a sceening. ff was not planned, in order to make, but which it could eliminate several of the anomalies, which turn the attempts upward. We would like FDA a certain kind to demand to mark or to the others the suppliers which can be communicated mechanism see, and to the health patient the continuous need of regular sceening.

Amy Allina said director of the program of the health net of the national women. Merck emphasized the fact that the vaccine at the female age could be used 9 to 26 but would work better once given the girls, before they began to have the sex. The society tried to permit Gardasil in more than 50 countries has Dr. Eliav Barr called, which steer the vaccinite program at the action of Merck.

Pending by FDA, the national advisory committee on practices regarding the Immunisierung decides in June to approve of whether the current inoculation with the vaccine. The vaccinite group of the HPV of the committee recommends, which gives girls 11 and 12.
The committee of 15 expert members those the government in an advisory manner, will consider 13 26 to recommendations for females. Use of research work by Merck of the vaccine in girl young as at 9.